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Business Tools for the Next Generation of Personal Trainers

BUILD Pay Monthly
*£95 / month
  • High performing website
  • Integrated Email Systems
  • E-Book Templates
  • Social Media templates and calendar.
  • Sales and Marketing Training
SCALE Pay Monthly
*£295 / month
  • High performing website
  • Integrated Email Systems
  • E-Book Templates
  • Social Media templates and calendar
  • Sales and Marketing Training
  • Branded App
  • 121 Business Coaching
  • Business Strategy development


For your clients, this isn’t just training – it’s an holistic approach to a more healthy lifestyle. All your client’s workouts, check-ins, activities and events can be scheduled by you and it will help revolutionise their eating habits with it’s nutrition functionality. It’s also got an integrated chat function so you don’t have to manage a plethora of messaging platforms.

Website & Emails

If you want to generate more leads, then a fully built high performing website, landing pages and email Marketing created especially for you, will complement your own branded App to give your clients a superior experience.

Senior Team

If the words ‘business strategy’ give you the chills, don’t worry, as our in-house team of Sales and Marketing experts will work with you to identify and double down on what tactics will work to maximise your income. They’ll help you set your pricing, coach you on sales calls and even give you hacks to help you boost your confidence on camera. Your very own business coach will work with you to take your services and your profile to the next level. 

Content Factory

Your personal profile as a fitness professional will boom. With daily Social Media ideas and creative templates from the Class-ify Content Factory that will have the most famous fitness influencers stealing your ideas.


Coach Holly

I have just finished my level 3 PT and I now have 20 online coaching clients. Thank you for supporting us more than we could have ever thought was possible. We do all of our work wrapped up in a Class-ify blanket, and I’m sure I speak for all the other coaches when I say we are SO grateful for you all.

Coach Matt

The best team!! The support is unmatched and the results speak for themselves. Let’s Go!

Coach Ryan

Everything I could ever want as an online coach is provided by you. My mentor pre-prepares all of my work for me and I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your support. I have now been able to quit my job in construction to go full time online coaching so if there are any trainers out there thinking about it, join Class-ify!

Coach Ollie

Love the whole team. Great People. I feel the Classify team has already helped me level up my business. As a company, they practice what they preach. They are not just another ‘online fitness training guru’ promising you an easy ride and a life on a beach. It’s was made clear from the first day that accountability was firmly at my door. They offer the tools, of which the quality of their academy is remarkable.

Coach Jasmine

You guys are honestly the best! I am so grateful for everyone in the business.

Coach Ryan B

Class-ify has been like the business partner I’ve needed to help me grow and progress. They have given me so much personal support to go into online coaching and made it their goal to make Byrne.PT a success!!

Coach Beky

Working with Class-ify has completely changed the way I was going to work as a trainer. Having started with them as I qualified, my services and how I help people achieve their goals has been better than I could have ever wanted as a start-up business. The business coaching I have had from Nat and the team has been so invaluable and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them all!