Tristan Rushworth
January 24, 2022

Reasons why you lose clients as an online personal trainer

(SPOILER!  It’s nothing to do with you or the service you offer!)

When it comes to client retention an online personal trainer may think it’s all about giving the right service but really it’s about having the right person to work with. When a coach loses a client, they tend to put too much pressure on their actual coaching ability but what’s really happening is that they’re coaching the WRONG type of person.

But what do we mean by ‘wrong’? 

Simply - if you only train and understand the motivation of elite athletes but a new mum comes to you who wants to slowly regain confidence, your expectations, techniques and even your community won’t motivate her or fit in with her lifestyle. 

She’ll leave as there’s just no way she can fit training in around a new baby and a job. 

You’ll be stressed about why she couldn't stick to the plan and quit. You’ll be asking yourself  - 

Am I a terrible PT? Why couldn't I manage to help her - she should have been easy? 

She’ll be frustrated as she won’t achieve any results, she won’t refer you to her friends and family - and worse, she might even give you negative review after a frustrating experience and a waste of time and money that she blames you for.

No one wins. It’s like putting a Square peg in a round hole. 

Grow Sustainably As An Online Personal Trainer

As a trainer building any type of online fitness business, you should not feel like you need to get loads of clients straight away. Building up takes time, one by one by one. Pick your niche - new mums, cross fitters, runners, elite athletes. Whatever you want to specialise in, just stick to that group

When you don’t pick the right people they will churn much faster. 

Before you get serious about growing your business sustainably, you need to take the time to understand and decide who your ideal client is. By setting the expectation of who you should work with, almost like a checklist you can tick off, your Clients will inevitably end up staying with you longer. Both you and them will have much more satisfaction. They’ll get better results, and you’ll get more referrals. It also really helps to say upfront in your content who your service is NOT for. 

Next Time You Choose A Client

So next time you’re deciding which Facebook group to infiltrate  - or you are thinking of saying yes to someone you’ve barely spoken to online or through your email marketing, if you suspect they aren’t the right fit, just say NO!

Remember - you absolutely are allowed to save yourself the trouble and the heartache. 

If you don’t know how to start building a profile of who you should work with and want help to build a picture and detail of your ideal client ask an online personal trainer - then jump into this link and download the


Good Luck - and let us know if you need any other help!