Tristan Rushworth
January 26, 2022

Generate more leads through Social Media

A guaranteed way to grow your online personal training business is to generate more leads through social media content.

Dialogues, not Monologues

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are more like a telephone than a television. They aren't designed for you to have a one way conversation all the time. To get the best out of them you need to offer content that offers value to the people that follow you - but you should also encourage them to get involved to generate more leads. 

Leave the Doors Open

Your social accounts are like the shop window to your service - but if you want people to come in, you need to open the door to them. It’s helpful to post workouts and meal ideas, but also ask them questions, otherwise you are closing down conversations and you keep your shop door well and truly locked. 

You can’t rely on people to comment on your posts and make the first move. They might not have the courage to come forward and so YOU need to make that first move!

Someone could be incredibly  interested in what you can do for them - but could slip away. You could wait a year for someone to come forward but you can speed up the process to generate more leads by instigating the chat. 

Make them feel part of your Community

People naturally want to feel part of something, they want to feel like they belong to a community and they want to feel special and connected. Encouraging conversations will help create a sense of closeness despite the distance. Make all your  clients feel like they are in your world.  

The more conversations you create, the more you have the opportunity to generate more leads.

4 easy ways to start a Conversation

  1. Ask opinion polls on your content. Ask if they struggle to maintain a routine that allows them to work out consistently. If they say yes, you can follow up and find out why then offer them some tips. 
  2. If you see a repeat ‘liker’ drop them a line proactively to let them know you appreciate their support. Tell them if they want any more advice, they can come to you anytime. 
  3. Post content with a Question Box. Ask them what they struggle with the most when it comes to following a nutrition plan and when they reply, solve it for them.
  4. Look at comments on other similar posts for inspiration, what are your target audience responding to?

 As long as you remember that Social Media is CONVERSATION, you are going from a great place and you will generate more leads.

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